Taken from the Summer 2017 Edition of the BLLA Magazine

Article contributed by Jody Pennette, cb5 Hospitality Solutions

Restaurants need to connect emotionally the same way music, art and film do. It’s not about the consumption of a meal…. it’s about an experience that moves you.

BIG PRODUCTION VS. INDIE – curated, bespoke, hand-crafted
These styles can shape the subtleties of an emotional connection better than over thought glossy productions that are designed to hype the guest into believing since the true goal lies in engaging the market. Restaurants used to try and figure out what the public wanted and then sought to deliver it. Today, the industry is about people loving what they are doing and expressing their passion through food and the sharing of this experience with a group of open- minded consumers.

The explosive growth of local craft breweries is a vivid example of this homegrown trend. The simplicity of creating honest product to share with friends and guests is the most pure form of hospitality. As we de-evolve from high priced formal dining into a more lifestyle reflective arena, the curated products crafted with passion and care are outpacing the larger mainstream production dining boxes that were meant to impose a point of view instead of celebrating a shared one.