The press speak; we listen. We hang on to the highs and attempt to dismiss the lows. The world according to what they say is a sensible way of evaluating the news they publish, which has certainly evolved over the last couple years.

Hospitality News

It’s not surprising that we find journalists love to report on the boutique sector; it’s the most interesting and exciting part of the hotel industry. So what’s not to love! Speak to anyone working for a travel or hospitality publication and you’ll find that they love to share their personal stories about their latest stay at a great boutique hotel.

Good practice for readers of these publications is to have an open mind, especially for those aspects we don’t quite understand. We have our own responsibility to narrate and filter the news. even though it may be strange and unnerving and maybe even a little bit bizarre.

What could be more strange (although exciting to watch) than the back and forth bid for Starwood or the comings and goings of the sharing economy.

Communicating by reporting balance and creativity while properly managing constraint, is a trait necessary for publishers to administer responsible reporting. BLLA’s Boutique Hotel Investment Conference on June 8th in New York opens with a panel of Top Hospitality Media Groups.

Heard from past attendees to the BLLA Investment Conference: “The singular focus on the boutique and lifestyle segment and the in-depth content of the sessions, provided a unique perspective not found at any of the broader hotel investment conferences. This was a truly worthwhile experience!”

June 8th New York Boutique Hotel Investment Conference panel discussion

What are the some of the top hospitality media groups focused on these days? With media taking on one of the most important roles in any organization today, how should we be keeping up with trends and top news? What are some of the top trends they are seeing? What does tomorrow’s news reporting and social media look like?

Moderator: Stacy Shoemaker Rauen, Editor in Chief, Hospitality Design

All Star Publication – panel participants:
Jason Clampet, Co-Founder, Skift
David Eisen, Editor-in-Chief, Hospitality Management magazine
Stephanie Ricca, Editor-in-Chief, HotelNewsNow
Sean Downey, Editor-in-Chief, Lodging Magazine