At the basis of all marketing, PR, advertising, and campaign creation, there exists the fundamental need to broadcast a message to a specific audience in order to create business. Click here to distribute your press releases in BLLA’s BOUTIQUE WEEKLY newsletter distributed to more than 150K.

Some professional teams are more successful than others in ensuring their message is absorbed. These teams see higher customer engagement, return business, profits and ROI due to their efforts. All responsible business owners, hoteliers, owners, operators, and every staff member will facilitate the success of their brand by remaining dedicated to a few key marketing principals:

  • Elevate your visibility as it pertains to your industry – BLLA, being the leading association for boutique hotels in the world, accomplishes this by reaching out to media outlets who are in our industry. By garnering business relationships with these sites and magazines, we’re able to gain exposure to the audience they’ve already built
  • Consistent Branding – There is a reason almost every business in existence has a logo is for recognition. That logo on your billboards or jingle in your commercial provides something easily recognizable for consumers to associate with your business or product, it serves well to put some resources and capital into maintaining consistent branding audiences will always recognize.
  • Establish a digital footprint – sharing press releases, announcements, and other content online is always a positive, however isn’t very impactful unless accessible by the right people. Establishing a virtual footprint increases your chance of coming up in the top results on a search engine, or being shared into someone’s news feed or timeline on social media platforms. Media like images and video content are excellent tools for engagement.
  • Establish Feedback Channels – Teams cannot grow and evolve without feedback from consumers/clients. Having a robust presence in the community through PR makes businesses more accessible to the public meaning important feedback can make its way back to decision makers and be addressed swiftly.
  • Establish Credibility – Being cited once in an annual industry report might be pleasant in the moment but leaves no lasting impact. However, after the tenth or eleventh time you or your company is credited as an expert in your field, people notice. Contributing to external reports, articles, and industry developments lets your audience know you’re to be trusted. BLLA and our leading team members have been featured in numerous industry outlets over the years.

Through our many years of connecting the boutique community, BLLA has earned a global audience which we tap into to inspire more movement and successes for our members. Our weekly newsletter is distributed to a database of over 150k hospitality industry professionals, and association announcements are shared by partner outlets who attract audiences from every facet of hospitality. Click here to distribute your press releases in BLLA’s BOUTIQUE WEEKLY.

We do our best to engrain these best practices into the minds of all who reach out to BLLA for guidance and support. Members of the association stand to gain much notoriety and recognition through our efforts, and will continue to thrive so long as these fundamental tools are being utilized in the most through way possible.