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Introducing the Boutique & Lifestyle Hotels Sentiment Survey with BLLA
The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association uncovered the perception of boutique and lifestyle hotel owners and managers across the world.
The Boutique Hotels Sentiment Survey is available for download here:  GET SURVEY

The Survey unearthed the business perception, the key challenges and the area of focus of boutiques hotels across the world. “We are pleased to provide this relevant research not only our members, but also properties around the world that fit in the genre of independent or small brand boutique & lifestyle hotels, an updated view of our special, niche industry sector,” stated Frances Kiradjian, Founder & CEO of BLLA.” Much has changed over the past couple years and it is important to give owners, investors and managers of these properties a true pulse of what is really happening out there.

Spanning a large range of topics such as strategic positioning, innovation, cost management, digital strategy, distribution, loyalty and development, the survey will give the chance for boutique & lifestyle hotels to understand, in a holistic manner, how they are doing compared to other similar properties in their category.

Key findings of the survey were presented complimentary to participating hotels as well as members of BLLA and those who attended the 2015 Boutique Hotel Investment Conference.
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