This Week’s BLLA Commentary

It’s times like these that show the strength of the hospitality industry and the kindness of the people who run it.

Texas is seeing unprecedented rainfall due to hurricane Harvey who is leaving tens of thousands of residents without shelter in his wake.

On August 25, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott issued a proclamation temporarily lifting hotel occupancy taxes in an effort to aid in the disaster relief: “In accordance with the Disaster Proclamation and with the authority vested in me by Section 418.020(c) of the Texas Government Code, I do hereby suspend all laws authorizing or requiring the collection of state or local hotel or motel occupancy taxes from the victims of Hurricane Harvey or personnel participating in relief operations”.

An astounding forty of inches of rain has already fallen thanks to the mighty hurricane, and that number is expected to increase by 50% by the time the storm passes.

In conjunction with the temporary tax suspension, hoteliers are slashing room rates for residents in need of shelter. Safety precautions continue to be implemented, and state and business officials are keeping a watchful eye on the storm. We at BLLA are proud to be a part of a community who takes such a proactive approach to helping people in times of crisis.

Our thoughts are with the people of Texas.

Disaster Relief Resources – Contributed by SuiteLife, by Venture Insurance