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  • iTouchFaucets

    Thank You for the opportunity to introduce our latest green innovation. With the current drought and increasing infrastructure, the government has only 2 solutions: recycle waste water, which means drinking dirty water plus chemicals or costly desalination plant which kills ocean lives. Water conservation should be our way of life read more

  • Sideways

    Over the years, we’ve built some of the most exciting boutique hospitality brands from scratch. This hospitality experience has deeply influenced how we think about our work, regardless of industry – we infuse guest-centric, experiential thinking and a touch of magic into our work and culture. We have continued to read more

  • John Curtis Design

    Welcome… As a child I was charmed by National Geographic and dreamed some day to be a photo journalist. Although life has taken detours – pursued a career as a photographer in the army, was assigned to Germany, and ended up in a Special Forces Unit. I have now found read more